Nicole Zeola Love

Aligning with the vibration of Love

I don't know about you but I am not a fan of long drawn out bios (or even short one's) of people telling you about how amazing they are, how many degrees & certifications they have, and every other reason  why you should be so impressed by them and their accomplishments. 

By no means do I say that to dis-credit or not acknowledge one's personal accomplishments. But personally I am just not a fan of typical bios in general.

I mean I get it- we need to know your background and experience so you have some sort of credibility. But every time I read someone's bio it never truly helps me connect with who they REALLY are. 

So with that said...  About Me. 

Well I suppose I am just like you.. I am a spiritual being, having a human experience.

Walking my path, on this journey we all call life. 

The one thing I can say about myself with absolute certainty is that I have a never ending (borderline obsession) with human potential, and understanding the true essence of who we really are. As well as the never ending desire for human expansion, awakening & consciousness as a whole. My hope is for everyone walking this planet to experience internal peace & freedom in their lives on the highest level possible. 

Anyone that knows me well often jokes about this with me. Because basically my motto with everything is setting some sort of intention of "world peace". As cliche as it may sound... I just want everyone to get along and be happy. This is truly at the core of who I am and for some reason or another resonates with every fiber of my being. 

However, what I have learned is that in order for their to be any sort of world peace, we must create that "world peace" within ourselves first. 

It is absolutely the most important "job" any of us have, and is truly the only way to shift anything in our experiences both close to home, and beyond us. 

We can never change anything outside of us, until we change within ourselves first. 

My desire is for us a collective energy to be able to uplift one another to a higher level of consciousness then has ever existed before (which is currently already happening actually:). 

However, for everyone to be able to truly experience the consistent connection of who we really are; it is a process of aligning with a different vibration then most people are currently in accustomed to. 

When we are in this place.. we can truly experience EVERYTHING that we wish, hope, desire, and dream of. 

This is my wish and intention for YOU, and I know my calling is to help those who are longing for this to help bridge that gap.... 

So that is me:) 


With lots & lots & lots of LOVE, 

Nicole Zeola xoxo