Nicole Zeola Love

Aligning with the vibration of Love


What is Alignment anyway? 

Alignment in the context I am using...  is the connection with your inner being.

It's the connection with your true essence, your most authentic self, your higher self and essentially all that you are. 

It is the pathway directly to ALL that is. 

It's that connection you feel when life seems to be going smoothly, and things unfold in a sequence that gives you a feeling of elation. 

It's the feeling of clarity, of knowing, and of understanding.

It's the feeling of creativity, joy, peace & purpose. 

Alignment is the answer to every question you have ever asked or will ever ask.

It is what I like to call the "Secret Of Life". 

It is what every SOUL- regardless of race, gender, religion, political stance, or socio economic status, CRAVES. 

Because only from this place, is our complete FREEDOM born.

Detachment from it, causes every experience & unwanted feeling that we know as human beings.  

If you have been longing for clarity in your life, searching for more meaning, more purpose, and a deeper connection with who you really are.. then I would love to hear from you. 

Coming into Alignment with who you really are is the most exhilarating feeling anyone will ever experience. 

I know that helping bridge the gap with those feeling stuck & longing for this alignment, is the greatest gift I can possibly give to anyone who is ready. 

I call this process- Aligning With The Vibration of Love or Above. 

To keep it simple so this doesn't become extremely long and boring, at the vibrational frequency of Love (And Above) we all have a clear and quick connection to who we REALLY are... learning to tap into this consistently is the key to manifesting all that you desire. It is with this consistent connection you can vibrationally shift your external reality. Once you learn to shift your vibration internally, your external experience will shift immediately and you will begin to experience everything that you truly desire.

If we end up connecting I will explain this to you in much more detail so you have complete comprehension, understanding, and knowing of this universal law. 

If this speaks to your soul and you would like to connect with me, simply "Apply" with your info, and I will be in touch with you for a complimentary consult. 

From there we will determine how I may best serve you in your coming into Alignment with Love & Above and ALL that you are. 


In Love, 

Nicole Zeola